Want to know what to pack for Peru?

November 16, 2020

Your Peru packing list is something you’ll want to plan carefully

There is so much to see and do in Peru that packing for your Peru vacation needs some planning. During any Peru tour, travelers can expect to visit the high Andes, the wet Amazon rainforest, and warm coastal towns and beaches. And in addition to hotel accommodation, you may also be planning to experience some of Peru’s countless trekking and camping options. To avoid some of the stress of packing your suitcase or backpack, check out these simple tips from our own Peru travel experts:

One thing to remember is that in popular tourist destinations like Cusco, you can buy whatever you decide not to carry with you from home. Items you may need and which can be readily purchased in Cusco include fleece jackets (well-known brands are available in Cusco’s stores) and woolen items (sweaters, hats, scarves, etc.), as well as trekking and camping gear.

In fact, in Cusco, it is possible to buy or even rent all the outdoor gear you’ll need for trekking and hiking. (One tip: don’t wait to buy trekking boots in Cusco. Although many excellent brands are available, you really need to break in those new boots for a couple of weeks before you even think about wearing them for a hike or trek!) And for those treks you’ve been dreaming about for so long, be sure to pack at least four pairs of warm, long woolen hiking socks, in addition to the regular socks you’ll be using on other days.

In addition to clothing suitable for adventure activities, you’ll probably want to pack a few things to wear in the city also. Cusco and Lima have some of the finest restaurants in Peru, a country famous for its incredible food, and you might like to dress up just a little for a special evening meal!

Other things to bring to Peru include: A good camera with zoom and binoculars, particularly for birdwatchers and animal lovers. Don’t forget these items if you’re planning to look out for local fauna in the Andes mountains or the Amazon basin. Insect repellent: From Machu Picchu to the rainforests of the Amazon, you’ll need insect repellent to protect your skin from the bites of mosquitoes and other insects. And make sure you wear long sleeves and long pants to protect you from insects in the rainforest. Portable chargers: On multi-day tours and long trips, your phone or camera batteries are likely to get low. If you don’t want this to happen, just when you’re about to take that special photo of a memory you hope to treasure forever, be sure to pack a portable charger!

Flashlight: If you’re planning to camp, hike the Inca Trail, or visit Tambopata National Reserve during your Peru holiday, bring a flashlight, or better still, a headlamp! Ziploc-type bags: These are great for protecting electronic devices. Also, it’s a good idea to pack your toiletries in Ziploc-type

bags when flying from sea level to high altitude. The pressure difference could cause some of your toiletries to leak or even explode!

If you’d like to experience the destinations and activities mentioned in this article, contact us and we’ll help you create your Peru vacation!

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