Tambopata National Reserve – Rainforest experience

3 days 2 nights

Customizable tour? Yes

Three days in the rainforest, based at our comfortable Ecolodge, exploring forests, oxbow lakes, and rivers on foot and by boat…

At Tambopata Ecolodge, our all-inclusive ecotourism programs include:
all fully escorted transport from our guests’ arrival at Puerto Maldonado airport to their return to the airport.
cabin-style accommodation with all the comforts of a hotel.
all meals (most are buffet-style with a selection of traditional Peruvian cuisine) from
lunch on day one of each itinerary to breakfast on the final day.
all excursions described as part of our responsible ecotourism programs.
Professional, experienced bilingual naturalist guide.
Entrance fee to the Tambopata National Reserve.
Not included
Flights to and from Puerto Maldonado.
Any drinks purchased from the lodge bar
What to bring
Day pack for personal items (to be carried personally)
Rain jacket
Cap and sunglasses
Insect repellent
Binoculars (for birdwatching enthusiasts)
Swimwear and sandals
Shorts for walking (optional)

Tour plan

Day 1
Puerto Maldonado – Tambopata Ecolodge

In the jungle town of Puerto Maldonado, as you begin your ecotourism adventure you will be met from your flight by our staff, who will escort you during the fascinating 68-kilometer road and boat trip along the Tambopata River to our Ecolodge.

Once we leave Puerto Maldonado behind, the forest vegetation will change from colonized deforested areas to virgin rainforest. Time spent on rivers is one of the highlights of any trip to a tropical forest ecosystem, offering the opportunity to observe native flora and look out for examples of Amazon fauna, with the help of one of our experienced naturalist guides. A box lunch will be served aboard our boat.

After time to settle in your eco-lodge accommodation, your naturalist guide will invite you to explore the trails in the surrounding forest. Several giant Brazil nut trees are located along these trails, while frequently seen fauna includes brown capuchin monkeys, agoutis, blue-morpho butterflies, trogons, toucans, and other bird species. In the evening, a slideshow presentation will give you a thorough introduction to the many wonders of the rainforest.

After an excellent buffet-style dinner, another guided trail walk in the forest will offer the chance to spot the world’s only nocturnal monkey species, as well as learning about the Amazon’s insects, while enjoying the unique sounds of the nighttime forest.

Driving distance: 23 km / 14.3 miles by vehicle. 45 km 28 miles by boat.

Visiting time: afternoon hike 2 hours, night hike 2 hours


  • Puerto Maldonado 183 meters / 600 feet.
  • Tambopata Ecolodge 205 meters / 672 feet.
Day 2
Tambopata Ecolodge – Forest trail walk and lake canoeing

Following an excellent buffet breakfast and a short morning boat ride, we will set out along a forest trail to explore Condenado oxbow lake by canoe. Swathed in rich tropical vegetation, wetlands are among the best places in the forest for birdwatching and the observation of a variety of aquatic and terrestrial fauna. Continuing our trail walk, tree species include the strangler fig tree and the mighty kapok, which rises high above the forest canopy. Back at the Ecolodge.

After a superb buffet lunch in our restaurant, there will be free time for independent walks on our extensive trail system, exploring our gardens, or bathing in our nearby swimming hole, where the clear cool waters of Gallocunca stream can be enjoyed. Or you can simply choose to relax in a hammock on the porch of your cabin.

Following a buffet dinner, your guide will give a presentation on the species of caiman found in the forests of Tambopata, after which we will take to the river in search of caimans and other nocturnal rainforest species that fill the tropical forest night air with their sounds.

Driving distance: 3.5 km 2.17 miles by boat.

Hiking distance: 8 km 4.97 miles (round trip).

Visiting time: morning hike 4-5 hours, night boat ride 2 hours


  • Condenado lake 196 meters / 643 feet.
  • Tambopata Ecolodge 205 meters / 672 feet.
Day 3
Morning river journey and return flight

Your stay in the Amazon forest ends on this third day with a magical morning return by river for your flight from Puerto Maldonado. This is an excellent time of day for wildlife observation, as the forest awakens, and looking out for rainforest fauna from our boat with the help of your naturalist guide is the perfect way to bid farewell to Peru’s tropical forests.

Driving distance: 45 km 28 miles by boat. 23 km / 14.3 miles by vehicle.


  • Tambopata Ecolodge 205 meters / 672 feet.
  • Puerto Maldonado 183 meters / 600 feet.


What will we do for drinking water at the jungle lodge?

Drinking water and other beverages such as coffee and tea are provided free of charge at our lodge, and sodas and alcoholic beverages are available for purchase at the lodge’s bar.

Is there malaria in the rainforest?

The US Center for Disease Control considers Puerto Maldonado to be a malaria risk area although it is reported as extremely rare. Avoid mosquito bites as much as possible by using insect repellent, long-sleeved clothing and long trousers rather than shorts, and consider taking malaria prophylaxis.

Should I get a yellow fever vaccination before going to the rainforest?

Yellow fever vaccination is recommended for rainforest trips anywhere in Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

When is the best time to visit Amazon forests?

It can rain at any time in tropical and subtropical forests. For drier weather, the best time to visit the Tambopata and Manu forests accessible from Cusco is between mid-April and the end of October. The driest months are June, July and August. Different species of Amazon wildlife can be seen at any time of the year in the tropical forests of Peru.

Is there electricity at the lodge, can I charge my electronic devices?

Yes. For example, at our Tambopata lodge recharging facilities for mobile phones, pads, and assorted batteries are available at midday and in the evening between 5:00 pm and 10:00 pm.

What happens in the case of a medical emergency?

In the event of a medical emergency which cannot be dealt with by guides and staff trained in first aid, guests will be evacuated to the nearest town with a hospital or other medical facilities.

Is smoking allowed in or around the lodge?

Smoking is not permitted in rooms, dining or communal areas, such as the bar. However, guests can smoke on the terraces of their rooms and in outdoor areas of the lodge.

Is a laundry service available?

Remember that it can take a long time for clothes to dry in a humid rainforest environment. Laundry services can be organized in the main towns (Cusco, Puerto Maldonado, Iquitos) from which our Amazon itineraries depart. Ask our staff for more information.

Is there a phone available at the lodge(s)?

In the event of an emergency, lodge staff can contact the outside world by phone or internet.

Should I pack rubber boots?

At our lodge, rubber boots in a range of sizes are available for use during excursions.


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3 days 2 nights

Customizable tour? Yes

All elements of these itineraries can be tailored to your interests and travel style.

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Brandon & Tamera Lee Taylor
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We did a 13-day tour with Andean Adventures Peru and it was just fabulous, truly inspiring. We couldn’t have pulled this off without their local knowledge and planning. The trip was absolutely flawless.

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The service was absolutely phenomenal! Super helpful… super friendly and attentive to the needs of our group […] and super knowledgeable!

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Tambopata National Reserve – Rainforest experience


    Tambopata National Reserve – Rainforest experience



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