Electricity in Peru – Power outlets and voltage

November 16, 2020

Planning to use electrical appliances during your Peru vacation? Follow these useful tips…

If you plan to travel to Peru, you should bear in mind the following information about Peruvian electrical current and power outlets, which may be different from the ones you’re used to in your own country. The electricity supply in Peru is 220 volts and 60 Hertz. If you need to use a 110-volt appliance in Peru, you must use an adapter, although you should remember that in the case of laptops and digital cameras, most modern devices are dual voltage, and will take both 110 and 220 volts. This means that if your Peru travel plans include packing a laptop, you’ll probably only need a plug adaptor. Many 4-star and 5-star hotels in Peru have 110-volt power outlets intended for use by overseas visitors. They are labeled accordingly.

In Peru there are three types of power outlets. They accept three types of plug: two-pronged plugs with flat, parallel blades; plugs with two round prongs; and plugs with two flat prongs and one round prong. It is also common to find power outlets that accept more than one of these plug types. If you are traveling from a country where different plug types are used, you will need to pack an adaptor. You can find universal adaptors in most specialist luggage stores, and for sale at most international airports. The best models to buy are those with a surge protector.

Power outages can occur frequently in Peru, both in the capital and in cities and towns throughout the country. Be prepared for the possibility of suddenly finding yourself with no electricity, and therefore without an internet connection. Another problem to bear in mind when traveling in Peru is the possibility of power surges. If you are planning to travel in Peru for an extended period, you should certainly buy a surge protector to prevent potential damage to your laptop or other electronic devices.

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