Weather and time zone in Peru

November 16, 2020

How is the climate in Peru? When is the best time of year to visit Peru? What time is it in Peru?

What is the time zone in Peru?

In Peru there is just a single time zone throughout the national territory, from the Pacific coast to the jungle of the Amazon basin. Specifically, Peru is situated in the time zone UTC-5. This means that Peru is five hours behind the United Kingdom, and in the same time zone as New York. In Peru, there is no daylight saving time, meaning that when the United Kingdom switches to summer time, Peru is six hours behind the time in London.

What is the weather in Peru like?

Because of its enormous extension from north to south and the different altitudes within its territory, the climate in Peru is extremely varied. Generally speaking, Peru can be divided into three types of climate: Along the Pacific coast, Peru’s climate is arid subtropical, with very little rainfall, except in those years when the El Niño phenomenon exerts an influence, and torrential rain can even fall on the desert coast. In the Peruvian Andes, there are two clearly defined seasons: the rainy season in summer, and the dry season in winter. Remember that, because it is situated in the southern hemisphere, Peru’s seasons are the reverse of those in North America and Europe.

Generally speaking, the coldest months are from April to September, and the warmest months from October to March; however, in the Peruvian Andes, because rainfall tends to fall in the summer months, the Andean winter resembles most closely the summer of the northern hemisphere. In the Peruvian Amazon, the climate is hot and humid, with rainfall throughout the year. In the jungle, the least rainy months are June, July and August.

When is the best time to travel to Peru?

This depends a lot on the region of Peru you’re thinking of traveling to, and the activities you’re planning. For those who want to enjoy Peru’s beaches and surfing, the best time of the year to travel is the Peruvian summer, between December and March. And for travelers who want to visit Machu Picchu, the best time is between April and October, during the driest months. And for traveling in the Peruvian Andes and enjoying trekking or hiking, the best time to visit Peru is the dry season, between May and September.

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