Create your kid-friendly Peru itinerary

November 16, 2020

Travel tips for designing a children-friendly itinerary for your trip to Peru

Peru offers countless activities that can be enjoyed by young children. At Andean Adventures Peru, most of our team are parents, and we know the activities your kids will love when you travel to Peru. Check out some of our top tips below:

Most visitors to Peru tend to avoid its biggest city, Lima, but there is plenty for families with small kids to do in Peru’s capital. Think about spending a couple of days in Lima at the end of your Peru vacation, and visit the fun-filled Water Park, the mysterious catacombs of San Francisco church, one of Lima’s FOUR chocolate museums, and try to find the time for one of Lima’s famous food tours.

Of course, when you arrive in Cusco the whole family will want to see Machu Picchu. But smaller children probably won’t want to see too many other archaeological sites. So, during your Cusco stay, why not try immersive experiences like cooking classes and a tour of the bustling local market? And in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, the whole family can enjoy the beautiful scenery on a horseback riding tour. Another way to see the Sacred Valley is on a “hike and learn Spanish tour”. Your kids will pick up the basics of the language so fast!

Finally, before heading home families with small children should definitely think about spending at least 2 or 3 days in the rainforests of Peru. Fantastic tropical forest destinations can be accessed from the city of Cusco via daily 30-minute flights from the Andes all the way down to the Amazon basin. In Tambopata National Reserve or Manu National Park, kids will love the trail walks escorted by knowledgeable naturalist guides, boat rides on the rainforest’s rivers and lakes, and the chance to see amazing wildlife, ranging from the tiniest insects and flowers, to giant anacondas and massive trees, all in the safety of fully-supported rainforest itineraries!

If you’d like to experience the destinations and activities mentioned in this article, contact us and we’ll help you create your Peru vacation!

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