How to be a responsible traveler

November 16, 2020

Recommendations for more responsible tourism

Globally, more and more travelers are seeking trips that are more respectful of the environment, local culture and the quality of life of host communities. Today, when people travel they want to be more responsible, but few know how to make their trip more sustainable. The tourism sector will ultimately be sustainable when tourists demand that it be so, and when they themselves act much more responsibly during their travels.

To contribute to a more sustainable vacation activity, every traveler must be aware of the negative and positive impacts that they generate, and try to reduce as much as possible the environmental footprint that they produce when they go on vacation.

Look for ethical and green suppliers and destinations: Before traveling, analyze the environmental policy of the destination. Make your reservations with ecotourism companies and choose accommodation that uses renewable energy, and restaurants with ecological dishes made from local ingredients. Adopt your own ecological practices: For example: reduce energy use, don’t waste water, take short showers, reduce waste generated, look for companies and guides that know and respect local natural and cultural resources, avoid the use of disposable products that generate garbage. Consume responsibly: The money you spend at the tourist destination you choose should go back to the local community. Buy local products, including gifts or souvenirs that are made locally. You can talk to the artisans so they can explain the origin of their products. Eat seasonal produce. Make sure you don’t support child labor exploitation or any other type of exploitation. Don’t haggle too much when shopping. It may be traditional in some cultures, but remember that you are contributing to the income of artisans or businesspeople and their families. Use the services of a local guide or a local tourist company: In this way, you will support the local economy and learn much more about the culture and nature of the place you are visiting. Look for activities that offer contact with local culture and help you get to know their way of life better.

Choose countries that are rebuilding after a crisis: The economic impact that you’ll generate through your presence will be very helpful. And finally, share your own advice on sustainable tourism and the destinations and tour operators you’ve known with other travelers, and with your friends and family.

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