Bookings: In order to reserve and confirm any of our tours or bespoke itineraries for groups or individual travelers the following information must be sent to us via our booking form:

    - Full name as it appears in the holder’s passport

    - Passport number valid on the scheduled date of travel

    - Address and phone number

    - Nationality

    - Date of birth

    - Gender

    - Occupation

    - Any medical or dietary requirements, restrictions, or food allergies

    - Any special interests relevant to the service being requested

In order to process your booking in a timely manner, we require a deposit of 50% (fifty percent) of the total cost of the selected itinerary at time of booking. The balance must be paid no later than 30 days before scheduled arrival.

Advance booking: To avoid disappointment, bookings should be made as far in advance as possible. For example, the 4-day / 3-night Inca Trail is in high demand throughout the year and we recommend that you make your reservation as soon as you have received our confirmation of availability.

Single accommodation: Our rates are based on twin or double room accommodation; a single supplement is available and single accommodation can be provided upon request at an additional cost.

Cancellations: In our experience a small percentage of bookings are cancelled by the client before departure due to some unforeseen circumstance. The penalties incurred for cancellation of services will depend on the date of cancellation, in accordance with the following conditions:

    - At any time after confirming the purchase of your Inca Trail permit, we will charge the full cost of said permit.

    - 45 days or more before the scheduled start of services: only the bank charges incurred will not be refunded (except in the case of the Inca Trail permit).

    - 44 to 30 days before the scheduled start of services: 40% of the deposit will not be refunded (except in the case of the Inca Trail permit).

    - 29 to 16 days before the scheduled start of services: 50% of the deposit will not be refunded (except in the case of the Inca Trail permit).

    - 15 to 07 days before the scheduled start of services: 80% of the amount paid will not be refunded (except in the case of the Inca Trail permit).

    - 06 to 0 days before the scheduled start of services: 100% percent of the amount paid will not be refunded.

A special note regarding cancellation of Inca Trail bookings: In the case of advance payments for trekking itineraries that include the Inca Trail (such as Inca Trail 4-days / 3-nights; Inca Trail 2-days / 1-night; Inca Trail 5-days / 4-nights), the costs of these treks, which include entrance tickets to the Inca Trail, porters, cooks and train tickets, are non-refundable. These services are reserved and paid for by the company at time of booking.

Failure to arrive (No-show): We will retain the full amount paid and cannot be held responsible for failure of the client to arrive due to cancelled or delayed flights. Andean Adventures Peru cannot be held responsible for any damage to or loss of luggage, accidents, or unforeseeable circumstances. In the event of any such circumstance, upon request the company will provide a certificate to the client for insurance purposes.

Unused services: In the event of a client leaving a tour for any reason, any extra expenses incurred shall be the client's responsibility and the company cannot be held liable for any refund, either total or partial, of monies paid for any and all unused services.

Travel insurance: Travel insurance is strongly recommended to cover loss of deposit or final monies paid resulting from unavoidable cancellation due to illness or other causes, personal baggage loss, medical expenses, etc. All travelers should be adequately insured against personal accident and medical costs. We recommend a short term insurance policy that covers the trip selected with cover in the event of illness, accident, emergency evacuation, costs incurred due to flight delays, schedule changes, delays caused by bad weather, missed connections, strikes, natural disasters, or unforeseeable events. We require that all passengers involved in adventure activities such as trekking and excursions to Peru’s jungle region be fully insured.

Regarding mountainous terrain: The mountainous areas where Andean Adventures Peru operates many of its itineraries possess a geographical configuration which in its natural state can present difficulties or dangers that may be concealed by snow, grass or vegetation. Some of these difficulties or obstacles might include, but are not limited to, loose rocks, trees, accumulated vegetation, fast flowing rivers carrying rocks or stones, fallen vegetation, hollows or depressions below the surface, varying water quality and challenging climatic conditions. Due to the presence of natural forests, rough and rugged terrain or bad weather, participants might become lost or separated from their guides or the rest of the group. Communication in mountainous terrain is often difficult and in the case of an accident, immediate rescue and medical assistance may be unavailable. Weather conditions may be extreme and can change quickly and without warning.

Action in case of emergency: In the event of an accident or illness during a trekking activity, Andean Adventures Peru, through its guides or support personnel, will provide all the help possible in the circumstances. In the event that specialist evacuation is required (helicopters, medical and/or nursing staff, and/or other medical assistance beyond first aid treatment), Andean Adventures Peru cannot be held financially responsible for such services.


Andean Adventures Peru only requests the personal data necessary for the newsletter registration of its affiliates, whose relationship to the company is that of customers of Andean Adventures Peru. The information requested relates to their email address and cell phone number.

In accordance with the provisions of the 2012 Statutory Law Number 1581 and the 2013 Regulatory Decree Number 1377, as the entity responsible for the newsletter associated with the website www.andeanadventuresperu.com, Andean Adventures Peru hereby informs all its users that the collecting of personal data via use of our web platform and social network platforms will be conducted in accordance with the indications contained in our Data Handling Policy, which may be consulted at any time upon request by sending an email message to the address sales@andeanadventuresperu.com.

Andean Adventures Peru does not use any information technology tools (such as cookies, web beacons, transparent GIFs, or other similar technologies) in order to secretly gather its users’ personal information. If you do not wish your personal data to be collected, please do not provide us with said information. However, all the information requested via www.andeanadventuresperu.com is mandatory, given that it is required in order to enable us to provide an optimal customer and/or user service.

By providing us with your personal data, you indicate that you have understood and accept that said data may be used for the following purposes:

    - In order to receive information about promotional offers related to the products and services provided by Andean Adventures Peru or its associated or allied companies.

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    - In order to facilitate the provision of reports to relevant regulatory and supervisory authorities.

    - For the adoption of measures aimed at preventing illegal activities, including any information related to money laundering and terrorist financing.

Andean Adventures Peru hereby undertakes not to utilize its customers’ or users’ personal data for any other purpose not contemplated in the provisions of this document.

By accepting these terms and conditions, you as a customer and/or user authorize the handling of your personal data, including the processing, collection, storage, use, circulation, deletion, updating, domestic and international transmission and/or transfer of said data, in compliance with the obligations assumed by Andean Adventures Peru by virtue of its operating of the website www.andeanadventuresperu.com, related social network platforms, and related order capture systems.

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If you need to exercise your rights as a data holder, we ask that you send us an email to sales@andeanadventuresperu.com.