Sustainable tourism in Cusco and Peru

In recent years, the travel sector has become aware of the need to build more sustainable tourism

In today's world, many travelers are increasingly aware of the need to be more responsible and respectful of the nature and local culture that define the destinations they visit. The responsible tourist looks for travel providers who have developed sustainability policies and who implement social responsibility programs.

To contribute to a more sustainable travel industry, every tourist should be aware of the negative and positive impacts they generate, and reduce as much as possible their environmental footprint when they go on vacation.

With more than 35 years’ experience in the Peruvian tourism sector, and with our main offices in Cusco, our hometown, at Andean Adventures Peru we understand very well that destinations must promote initiatives to encourage the sustainable enjoyment by tourists of the countless wonders that Peru offers, from the beaches of our Pacific coast, to the Amazon jungle region and our pristine high Andean ecosystems.

As a responsible tourism company, we have developed our own environmental policy. We are an ecotourism company. We work with accommodation that uses renewable energy, and restaurants with ecological dishes made from local ingredients. And in our operations, we have introduced our own ecological contributions: we have reduced energy use, we do not waste water, we have reduced the waste generated by our outdoor activities, we avoid the use of disposable products that generate garbage, and our guides and staff know and respect local natural and cultural resources.

We are local Cusco people ourselves, committed to our home community, and we ensure that what travelers spend in our incomparable tourist attractions stays in our community. We encourage our travelers to buy local products, including gifts or souvenirs that are made in the area, to eat local produce, and to avoid supporting child labor or any other type of exploitation.

As a responsible travel company, in our operations and in our office we use the services of local guides and staff. In this way, we directly support the local economy and offer our travelers a unique opportunity to learn much more about the culture and nature of our land than they could ever learn from a guidebook. To transmit our own love for our ancient heritage, we offer activities that enable travelers from all over the world to enter into contact with our local culture and get to know better our traditional way of life.

If you’d like to experience the destinations and activities mentioned in this article, contact us and we’ll help you create your Peru vacation!

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