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Want to help with conservation of the natural world? Follow these useful tips…

At Andean Adventures Peru, by promoting ecotourism in the rainforests of southeastern Peru, we help to conserve one small corner of the Amazon basin, encouraging travelers from all over the world to experience a conservation model based on sustainable ecotourism.

In South America, where forests are being destroyed to make way for farming and ranching, ecotourism is the only truly effective way to prevent the loss of even more tropical and subtropical forest habitat. Ecotourism brings economic benefits, showing local populations that the forests of the Amazon are worth more to them when left to flourish, while teaching people from wealthier countries about the importance of conservation.

For ordinary people, it’s hard to know how to contribute to nature conservation. One way is to book a vacation to a rainforest destination, and you’ll be helping to protect the habitat you experience. But before you leave home, there are things you can do to help conserve the Amazon basin and its incomparable biological diversity.

The first thing you can do is vote. Make sure you are informed regarding candidates’ stances on the environment, and influence your representative’s decisions by writing to them and letting them know that the natural world is important to you.

To help save the rainforest, as a consumer you can think carefully about what you buy. For example, around the world lumber companies are increasingly adopting sustainable logging practices, because consumer demand for wood products certified as sustainable currently exceeds supply. When you buy wood products, make sure they are sustainably sourced, and refuse to buy items made from uncertified wood.

You can also make an impact by donating to organizations that promote conservation issues. To help protect biological diversity, the natural world, and indigenous cultures, you can donate to Nature Conservancy, Survival International or the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

And even if you can’t visit Peru right now and experience for yourself the forests of the Amazon basin, you can still make a difference. Work to improve your own local environment and set an example to others, just as we’ve been doing for more than 35 years at Andean Adventures Peru!

If you’d like to experience the destinations and activities mentioned in this article, contact us and we’ll help you create your Peru vacation!

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