Ecotourism and outdoor activities

In today's world, we’re all looking for ways to connect with nature

Now that the Peruvian tourism sector has reopened, it is ecotourism that offers travelers the opportunity to take a well-deserved escape from everyday life and connect with nature.

At Andean Adventures Peru, as part of our work as a responsible ecofriendly tourism company, for more than 35 years we have been committed to connecting Peruvian tourists and travelers from around the world with the natural riches of our country, while always putting first the comfort and well-being of our visitors.

In the “new normal” that we are all living, outdoor activities and ecotourism are the travel options that offer us the opportunity to escape from our cities, forget about the stress generated by the modern world, and get in touch with the natural world.

Now, with the reopening of the Peruvian tourism sector, we are relaunching our adventure tourism and ecotourism services. Thanks to the implementation of our new health protocols, with Andean Adventures Peru you can travel to Cusco and experience Peru’s highlands and jungles. Disconnect and enjoy the high Andean scenery of Cusco with short half-day walks, or multi-day hikes of up to five days and four nights, or visit the Peruvian jungle, in the company of experienced guides.

Our local knowledge and decades of experience mean we can offer the best trekking experiences in Cusco. In the Lares Valley, above the Sacred Valley of the Incas, hikers can share the way of life of communities devoted to the cultivation of their ancestral lands and the herding of llamas and alpacas, and meet villagers who have preserved their textile arts and make their clothes from alpaca, llama, and sheep’s wool.

And at the base of Mount Salkantay, nature lovers can walk through the finest scenery in the Peruvian Andes, among some of the highest snowcapped mountains in the Cusco region. This spectacular route takes hikers into some of the most beautiful landscapes in the Peruvian Andes, and into a tropical cloud forest ecosystem that is home to endemic birdlife.

And in the Peruvian jungle, accessible from Lima and Cusco via daily flights, you can experience some of the world’s most biologically diverse protected natural areas. Visit Tambopata National Reserve or Manu National Park, in ecotourism programs lasting between 3 and 7 days. You’ll stay in eco-lodges with hotel-style comforts, and venture into the Peruvian jungle in the company of expert naturalist guides, in search of Amazonian fauna. What are you waiting for? Escape for a few days from the everyday, and reconnect with the natural world!

If you’d like to experience the destinations and activities mentioned in this article, contact us and we’ll help you create your Peru vacation!

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